“Love” – Just the four letters making a word. That’s it or is it? It’s so funny how something that seems so simple is actually quite complicated. It’s really hard to define love; you may wonder if it’s even real. It is incredibly complex because it’s formed in our minds which is the most complex machine that ever existed. You are either on a journey toward love or on a journey to defy it.

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 “It’s only a dream,” she said desperately, hot tears falling.

“We can’t really touch, we can’t be together. It’s not allowed,” she continued.

“I don’t care,” he said.

He really didn’t care. It didn’t seem like a dream to him. It felt real. And even in a dream he was not going to give up on her, not for anyone.

No force in heaven or hell could make him. For him, she wasn’t dead. She was alive like a white golden light in the darkness.

Mythical places that may or may not existed

We live in this age of highly technologically advanced world with google maps, street view and weather forecasts to help us wander places.  But there are places we only heard tales about.  Tales of those fabled cities, lost Islands, phantom kingdoms and realms that exist alongside our own. These are the places we can only imagine because we have never seen them.

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She was strong now.

No, she won’t change just to conform to what other people thought she should be.

So what she didn’t know about everything that the outside world has got? She knew just enough to make her presence leave a mark.

So what she wasn’t doing what everyone else hers age was doing,? She was doing just the right thing that mattered to her.

No, she won’t let anyone ever make her feel less worthy of herself. She will prove, she’s the best in the way she is.

Embrace her in her own way, if you could. Because now, she is strong.

Should or Shouldn’t we trust a stranger?

Don’t talk to strangers. It’s one of the first things we’re taught as children. It is a common knowledge not to put any trust in some stranger, possibly to protect us from getting hurt. But is it actually a good advice? Don’t you think it’s quite unfair? Everyone we ever knew was once a stranger, be it our best friends, our other half, our colleagues, even our house maid. If we hadn’t given them a chance, if we hadn’t trust them, they could have never been such people to us. But we did. Then why are we always suspicious of strangers?

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