It’s the little things in life

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times.


Today I am 25, unemployed and a single lady living in with my parents. Having said all these, It’s pretty much obvious that it does raises a lot of eyebrows of curious bunch of heads with Aunties and Uncles constantly questioning about my future course of actions. Technically speaking, Given my state of circumstances I should be broke and hell depressed. But, here I am, all pumped up and happy to write up my first blog. Yaiiieee. So what do I really do to keep myself guarded from  the dark clouds of sadness. Well, the answer is very simple and lying in this very same piece of my work. So let’s begin with the basic of all..

What is Happiness?

Happiness is the “overall experience of pleasure and meaning. A Happy person enjoys positive emotions while perceiving life as purposeful.” The key here is Balance. Also, I believe that Happiness is contentment and peace of mind regardless of our circumstances.

So often we throw away our chance at true happiness by focusing on the temporary pleasures of the world. I assure you that your daily life can be made happier. It’s just a matter of choice. It is our attitude that makes us happy or unhappy. You can say happiness is like the Sun which is often hidden by the clouds of our thoughts, worries & desires. We just need to scatter and dissolve such clouds to make way for the bright sunshine. Happiness is everywhere. We are merely aware of these elements in our life but seldom take the time to appreciate them. So people, Here is the collection of truly beautiful things for all those who need a little inspiration for discovering all magnificently beautiful little things that will make your life worth living-

  • Taking nap in your warm bed during chilling winter night.
  • Running into a friend you haven’t seen for a long time.
  • Taking in aroma of the newly opened books.
  • The delicious smell coming from your kitchen when mom cooks.
  • Heartfelt laughter of a child you come across.
  • Reading your favorite novel.
  • Laughing over a chat with your best friend.
  • Stargazing and philosophizing about life.
  • Tasting something incredible delicious for the first time.
  • Watching your favorite sitcoms over and over again.
  • Seeing the sunrise and sunset.
  • Finding money you had forgotten about.
  • Reading old letters and messages from your loved one.
  • Watching a bird chirping in your backyard.
  • Unearthing something you have been missing for years.
  • Sleeping while the rain gently beats.
  • Smelling your favorite perfume.
  • Fitting into an old dress.
  • Hearing your favorite song.
  • Realizing things turned out to  be really great.
  • Having a pillow fight.
  • Finishing your other half’s sentences.
  • A stranger smiling at you amidst crowd.
  • Getting the perfect stroke of eyeliner.
  • Getting the parking spot right.
  • Waking up before the Alarm beeps.
  • Giving a warm and loving hug to your beloved.
  • A gentle kiss on forehead.
  • A nice beach walk.
  • Beautiful flowers in your garden etc etc ..etc.

The list is endless and so is your chance to be happy. So what are you guys waiting for. Go and grab your share of Happiness from yourself and the rest will fall in it’s place.😊

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