City breaks: Indore to Lonavala

After a series of discussions with family, it was finally fixed to have a trip towards Lonavala. I was given the responsibility to book the tickets. For train travelers, plenty of options exist depending on one’s convenience – Intercity Express, Koyna Express, Deccan Express, Indrayani Express etc. Lonavala has its own railway station and most of the Express trains that cross the Mumbai Pune railway line halt at Lonavala. We took the Indore-Pune express to reach Lonavala early in the morning after 16 hours of overnight journey.

After getting the feel of the air, views, ambiance of Lonavala, we started enquiring, how to roam here and at what charges. I already had the list of places that we want to see. We booked a XUV for the whole day. Located smack in the middle of the busy Mumbai-Pune highway , Lonavala and Khandala  is a must visit in one’s lifetime.The places have been famed as a health resort due to its unpolluted environments and the pleasant climate all through the year.The Township is full of hills  covered by a lush green carpet and the waterfalls which  cascade down like pure silver streams.

The first place was Tiger’s Point.

Tiger’s Point


Driver told us that it is also popular as shooting point owing to shooting of lots of bollywood songs. There was a huge parking space on roadside, with few stalls around the corners, camels and few other things to keep tourists engaged.

Tiger’s Point is a cliff-top with a sudden drop of over 700 meters giving an amazing view of relatively lower hills spread over a huge area around Lonavala.

The next place was Bhushi Dam. It was very crowded. People were sitting on the stairs from which the water was flowing in full flow from the Dam and continuously splashing water on each other.
Bhushi Dam

After that, it was Ryewood park & Shivaji Udyan. They add to the lush green surroundings of Lonavala. These stunning gardens are amongst the favourite picnic spots of the children, owing to the soaring trees and spacious open spaces provided by them. The swings set up at the parks further add to their appeal. An ancient Shiva Temple, situated inside one of the parks, is visited by a large number of people every day.

Ryewood Park
After unwinding ourselves in the lap of the nature, we left for Bhaja and Karla caves. The style and architecture of both the sculptures resemble each other. Amongst it, the 22 rock cut caves display the sculpture of a prince in a chariot, dancing couple, an armed warrior and a prince seated on an elephant. One should visit this place if they like exploring and learning new ideas and culture. The first cave is the place for the master of the cave which is succeeded by the Buddhist temple.
Karla Caves
Bhaja Caves


Next we headed off to khandala. Khandala was a small place but was equally blessed in beauty as Lonavala. We halt at one place and from this place, all the scenic points can be covered by foot. The first one was Rajamachi park. Deep valley on one side, high rise mountains on the other side,and the highway in the midst of all this looked mesmerizing.20160331_170411
You also get to see amazing waterfalls while sitting in the back seat of your car and luring this great citMalshejGhat.

We came back to our room after haulting at Lonavala’s famous chikki joint and buying us handsome packets of the same.

When we came back, I didn’t know whether the journey had just came to an end or just began.  🙂

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