My Soul Sister

We all know that many people come and go throughout our lives. That person may stay with us a friend, or leave us marking “The End” to the story. I have met so many people, and now I maintain a small circle of close friends. Although the people who were friends once are now gone, I think they were the ones who have helped me become who I am today.

It’s the best feeling in the world when you share a love, a connect so strong, with your best friend like you would with your very own sister. Not everyone has the privilege to feel that way but lucky me, I have one in my life.

It was the start of another school year in a new city and new school. I was in 10th grade and we used to sit in different rows. It was sometime after that when I started getting to know the students who sat with me, I would notice giggles of laughter coming from the other side of my row. I used to wonder what makes them laugh too much and making me want to sit with them. But alas it never happened.

I became very good friend with a girl who used to sit with my best friend during chess classes and that’s how me and my best friend came into talking terms. I didn’t know exactly how and when we came so close but today after 10 years of knowing each other, I associate her as nothing but my soul sister.

Confiding in her is easy but being able to trust her opinion blindly about anything and everything makes me realize how blessed I am to have her be a part of my life. She looks out for me in all aspects – from the clothes I pick to the relationships I seek. Crazy and funny as it seems, we have unconsciously adopted each others mannerism – sharing common lingo and funny gestures.

We share a connection that no one else understands be it that awkward moment when it’s just us two who get the “inside joke” and cannot stop laughing hysterically in a room full of people. It gets quite a funny situation when you can’t explain the reason behind it all. Sometimes the connection is so strong that we end up texting each other simultaneously saying exactly the same thing or completing each others unfinished sentences.

The location or agenda never really mattered as long as we were meeting. Whether it’s the college campus or just sitting at the salon; even if we have no specific plan in mind, something fun is bound to take place when the two of us get together.


So this is how I met my soul sister, who came and never left.

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