Here’s my review of ‘US’ by David Nicholls

I just finished reading this after waiting for a long time to grab myself a copy of it. I must tell you this book is wonderful!

It’s the story of a marriage in peril, narrated by the husband, Douglas – a man who is ruled by logic and scientific reason. Douglas is married to Connie, an artist, who is laissez faire to the extreme. Indeed, these two could not be more polar opposites. They have a seventeen-year old son, Albie, who is of his mother’s temperament with a disdain of all things conventional. When Connie announces to Douglas one night that she feels their marriage has run its course and she may want to leave, Douglas insists that the family stick to a previously planned Grand Tour of Europe where he secretly hopes to win his wife and son back.

The story of the trip is interwoven brilliantly with the backstories of Douglas and Connie. Nicholls has done this masterfully. He has carefully stitched the tapestry of a marriage, of three lives.

Douglas’s narration is humorous, self-deprecating and occasionally heartbreaking. This book may seem like it would be a downer, but it is not. It’s life – and ultimately, it’s hopeful.

Affirmatively it’s full of insight, wisdom and wry observations. I highly recommend this to all the book lovers out there who haven’t read it yet.

Happy reads 🙂

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