Elephant Beach : Hidden Paradise on the Andaman Islands

In a world where people are looking for peaceful escape, a vacation to Havelock offers a perfect solution. The slow life of the island matches metaphorically with the serene blue sea spreaded wide across the island, the slow gushing of water rhyming with every pounce of your heartbeat and the sandy beaches giving you the exact amount of ease you are looking for.

The island is divided into parts and each site has a different experience to offer. The people are wonderful and don’t seem to be bothered at all by the tourists. They are infact a sweet helpful bunch of people who you will miss tremendously once you are back!

One of the beach that Havlock Island offers is Elephant Beach, though this beach has suffered the effects of the 2004 tsunami and has got reduced in size, it is nevertheless an amazing place to visit. Elephant beach, located at north-western part of the island,  is excellent for those who seek solitude and relaxation right in the lap of the Andaman Sea with a number of diving and snorkeling centers. For the tourists, snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving is the main attraction. The initial process of using snorkeling gear, getting used to breathing through the mouth and floating on the life-belt with our heads below the water took us some time but the view down below was simply breathtaking, really worth all the troubles…colourful live corals, sea anemones & sea urchins with more colourful fishes wafting by…we were in nature’s own paradise on earth!

Screenshot (69)

How to Reach?

This place is best approached by a boat from the jetty sailing along the eastern & northern coastline. They usually charge INR 1000-1500 for a round trip.

Otherwise one has to traverse through a thick rain forest without a good motorable road.

  1. Forest is very dense from the main road to the beach. If possible, never trek alone on this trail.
  2. Have a stick to move away the dogs.
  3. Most of the time, tourists tend to walk in the shorts and chappals in Havelock Island. Don’t go on this trail in shorts and slippers. The forest is dense and Andaman is the home for many venomous reptiles.
  4. Avoid this trail right after the rain.



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