Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I’ve heard endless good praise for Rainbow Rowell’s novels and I’ve been excited to jump on the bandwagon.

Fangirl is about 18 year old who is starting her first semester at college with her twin sister, Wren. She’s stuck in a room without her twin sister, living with an intense roommate, Reagan, who asks What the fuck is ‘the fandom’? and thinks life spent on the internet is life not worth living. Cath expects to have her sister to lean on but Wren wants to be her own person and be free, Also, Cath is desperately worried about her Dad, who’s now alone and suffering quietly. Surrounded by such happenings, it’s just easier for Cath to escape into something she knows best: Simon Snow of whom Cath is a massive fan. She loves nothing more than delving into the magical, fantasy world of Simon Snow and writing her critically acclaimed fan fiction, posting a chapter or so every night. However, as Cath navigates through her freshman year, she slowly realizes that maybe, for once, she can loosen her reign on Simon and start discovering who she really is.

Fangirl sounded like the perfect novel for me. A lot of times whilst reading this I found myself saying, “Ha. That’s exactly like me!”

If you’re reading Fangirl, you’re probably already a bit like Cath. She has a brilliance and realistic personality. She cannot stand parties or forced social interaction, she wants to do well at school, but she also would rather spend all day reading, writing or on the internet, and she’ll use ‘just’ in every sentence as a defense that deflects any ounce of personal opinion.  She is funny, intelligent, geeky and undoubtedly caring, but only to a certain point. She loves her family but the family drama is another issue for her to deal wit, she’ll just crawl into bed and silently panic when it all gets too much to handle.

Cath and Wren, although identical twins, could not be more opposite: Wren is outgoing and social,whereas Cath is shy and reserved, and deals with situations by turning to her fan fiction. Although very different, they’re both fascinating characters to read about.

Fangirl is one of the most wonderful, accomplished, authentic contemporary novels I’ve come across. I think we needed it. ❤


A must read for all girls out there. 🙂

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