Macau’s most popular food souvenir

Those who think that Macau’s only popularity is its bustling casino scene would be highly mistaken. There is so much more that this charming island can offer to its visitors ranging from its historical sites, cultural attractions to mouthwatering traditional cuisine.

Speaking of cuisine, it goes without saying that when in Macau, one cannot leave without trying out one of the Macau’s iconic Portuguese Egg Tarts.

Tarts Tarts Tarts…..

A crusty pastry with a rich egg-curd center that is just lightly baked, but caramelized to perfection!


Souvenir hunters will be happy to know that samplings before purchase are available for Koi Kei’s array of cookies, biscuits & rolls.

Where to eat?

Koi Kei Bakery :

Whichever corner of Macau you find yourself in, you will always spot a Koi Kei bakery somewhere. While more famous for their almond cookies and jerky, Koi Kei displays their egg tarts at the storefront, luring their patrons in for a bite.

Koi Kei Bakery


Price: 54 MOP for a box of 6


Story of the baker:

When Macau baker Leong Chan- kuong opened Koi Kei Bakery for the first time in the shadow of the ruins of St Paul’s in 1997, among the first through the doors was a group of uninvited guests.

Leong was forced to stand his ground, crossing swords with tattooed gangsters who repeatedly set fire to his shop front, initiated fights, blocked his shop or did whatever they could to trample the newcomer in the Chinese bakery and snack market.

Despite having finished only primary education, Leong learnt from his father the baking skill which ran in their family from generations. Even though Leong faced turmoils in his early days of business, his determination and hard work finally paid off. The Koi Kei Bakery was soon packed with tourists and local people. It has since been raising their standards, with 21 chain stores in Macau, 7 chain stores in HK and one in Singapore, owning their own factory, employing 400 staff and ,above all, gaining recognition as the “most popular food souvenir” champion in Macau, occupying 71% percent of the current market.

So the next time you are in Macau, Don’t forget to grab yourself one Egg Tart. ❤

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