Simple night? Says No, Havelock

“Gorgeous white beaches and clear turquoise waters set against the lush green forests in the background”

Escape to this paradise of scenic beauty and adventure – Havelock Island

Havelock is where time stands still for you to take it all in! If you are sick and tired of the busy city life and want to return to the lap of nature then Havelock is the place for you. Havelock as people say is the hidden jewel of the Andaman Islands. The Island surprises you with it’s pristine surroundings of silver beaches, crystal clear waters and lush green forests. 🌳🌝⭐️🌊

My Story…

I was on a night kayaking trip to explore the forest of mangroves around the island. We got into the kayaks and ventured out into the open sea, albeit along the shore and into a small bay. Our purpose was to stargaze and observe the bio-luminescent organisms in the water. Since, it was my first time, it took me few initial minutes to get used to the grip of the paddle. As the kayak glided towards the creek, I became more aware of the sounds. In the quietness of the night, my senses were already super active; I heard the minutest ripple in the water, felt the hug of a light breeze. 😊😍

I was enjoying this deep relaxing experience, when Tanaz broke the peace.  Tanaz Noble, conducts kayaking tours through the mangroves of Havelock in the Andaman Islands. The sky turned dark almost as soon as the first star appeared. The thing that struck me most was the expansive knowledge that Tanaz has about constellations. ⭐️

 “Quick, do a backstroke now,” she said. I did. And that’s when I saw it -blue green bio luminescence that had shown underwater. I was dumbstruck by the beauty of the glow in the water. It grew brighter and more magical as we moved into the thick, darker grove of tidal trees. From constellations to shooting stars, the secrets of the universe wasn’t a mystery anymore. It was like me, on those boats, floating on pixie dust. Fairytale! 😍

I’m still recovering from that ethereal experience, and I know I can never see the sea in the same way again.😇 ❤



havelock night

Now, the facts and tips..

  • Night-kayaking tours are organised by Tanaz Noble at Havelock Island. The tour starts at Havelock jetty, near Barefoot Bar & Brasserie
  • This activity also requires you to be a swimmer, and non-water-phobic. Prior kayaking is recommended so that you have some basic paddling experience
  • The tour begins just before sunset and ends after dark. The attraction of the tour is the magnificent bio luminescence that lights up the water with every stroke of your paddle
  • The 3-hour tour is for Rs 3000/- per person. The fee includes Life Jackets and a certified instructor
  • A minimum of two persons are required for the tour
  • Contact person is  Tanaz K. Noble : – M: +91-9933269653 / +91-9476051158 ; E:


The downside is that this tour can only be best experienced when the moon is in its lowest (around new moon) phases. As said the tour is subject to tide and moon.

Good News…😀


Upcoming tour is scheduled around March 23rd to 31st & April 22nd to 29th,  2017.

Happy Kayaking! 😃