Eleanor and Park: Two misfits-One extraordinary love

“She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.”

Two misfits.
One extraordinary love.

This book. I don’t know what to say.

Love, love, love…..😍


I Loved this book. I never expected this simple story of two strangers to affect me like this. I mean I don’t have any words for this unusual book and its characters. Anyway, I have given it a try.

Eleanor & Park is a beautiful story of two people. Eleanor feels lonely and struggles to adjust in her new lifestyle when she gets shifted to a new town as her mother remarries this horrific man who will stop at nothing to get rid of her and her four siblings one by one. Eleanor first meets Park when she is forced to sit next to him – and he begrudgingly lets her – on the way to school. They didn’t talk to each other initially, and after reading this book you won’t find it odd because their whole relationship starts with them sitting there on the bus and Eleanor trying to read Park’s comics and him trying to share it with her and their songs playlists exchange and the eventual conversation. It’s an extraordinary romance that starts in an ordinary way. Eleanor and Park feel like they’re the misfits of the school; the outsiders; and the outcasts, who will never truly be popular.

I love Eleanor’s character in this book. I love how beautifully Rainbow Rowell showed in his book that looks doesn’t matter when you actually love someone. Eleanor has red hair and is often bullied by other students for her looks and dressing style. Her worries start from mismatched clothes, her crazy red hair and stretches to her chaotic home life. Every time she tries to embrace the change, ends up losing her wits and hope. However, she finds park impossibly cool, quite and attractive. 😍

Park on the other side, who has already started liking Eleanor, makes sure to keep things look quite and clam from outside to get along. Park is a really cool character. He’s a very quite person and usually tries to stay away from any argument, but doesn’t hesitate to stand up for the people he cares for. Slowly and steadily, as every day passes , Eleanor and Park feel love taking over their lives like it’s the first time.<3

Eleanor and Park cherished the bond which you have in your school days and even if you never had such bonds ever with anyone. You eventually have , Eleanor and Park to look onto , always. Packed with fun and drama, the story takes you to a beautiful trip that would evoke the sweet-sour memories of forgotten first love.😘

I must admit that Rainbow Rowell creates this extraordinary magic by exploring the overwhelming nature of first love -the kind of love that feels as if it can last a lifetime, that can help heal wounds and open doors to happiness. There is just such an overwhelming power to this book that will swallow you and not leave. Rowell en-captures everything that a good romance should be, together with so much more. Everything is unwrapped from the awkwardness to the love. ❤

Highly recommended! 😃

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