Visit to Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is an impressive complex nested in the Po Fook Hill mountains in Sha Tin, the New Territories. During my visit to Hong Kong, the one place about which I was most intrigued was this one.  .


Visiting the Monastery however is not recommended for people with mobility issues as there is quite a steep hike up the hill before you get to the higher levels where the complex is located. Over 500 gold Arhan statues and 430+ steps lead the way to the monastery complex.


Once you reach at the top , you will find the first terrace which is dominated by a lavishly decorated red and gold building,  covered by the main temple.

Inside the main temple hall you will find the thousands of miniature Buddha statues covering every inch of the walls, as well as the many displays throughout. The main altar contains three large Buddha statues and the embalmed remains of the Reverend Yuet Kai, the founder of the Monastery.

Fun Facts…

Reverend Yuet Kai, originally from Kunming China, came to Hong Kong in 1933 to preach Buddhism and started construction of the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery in 1949.

It took about eight years to complete the buildings and another ten years to finish the miniature statues.

Opposite the main temple, is the pagoda. It is surrounded by gold painted Buddha statues. You can walk up the Pagoda and be rewarded with spectacular views.


But it doesn’t stop there. You can keep going up. Another 69 steps lead to the upper terrace which contains a number of other halls and houses with various shrines to Buddhas.


Nearby was also a pond full of turtles. I was happy to something finally moving.

ten th

I had an enjoyable time at the monastery. It’s huge and definitely had a lot of quirky features. It was fun to explore and you get a great view of the surrounding areas. If you have extra time in Hong Kong, I definitely recommend making the trek out to see something a little different and. It is a beautiful and compact space, certainly more quiet and peaceful than other temples or the Big Buddha in Lantau.

Happy Climbing! 🙂

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