Viper Island

Andaman and Nicobar Island is one such part of the Indian Continent which has many stories linked to it. It is said to have been first discovered by the British as a place to become their dream colony.

Many of its Islands are shrouded in mysteries and myths, one such popular Island is Viper Island. Located close to Port Blair, this infamous Island has several stories associated with it, which makes it a popular tourist destination among those who have a flair  for exploring danger prone areas.

We took the ferry from Aberdeen Jetty in Port Blair. The sun was playing hide and seek with the clouds and I was lost in tranquility as the soft breeze kissed my cheeks. As we reached the Island, I felt like Lara Croft when the attendant guided us through the Island’s gallows and the court.

Huffing and puffing, we climbed the high steps to the central hillock where the “GALLOWS” still stand a live testimony to the atrocities of the British who had built a building with openings on all sides, visible to the convicts on the island to remind them all the time of their impending death. The prisoners on the island, surrounded by the sea on all sides, had no escape route even if they wanted to and had an opportunity.

This Island was part of the great Indian independence history and had witnessed the sufferings and sacrifices of Indian national involved in freedom struggle. 😖The entire island had around it an eerie feeling. Even the sea-breeze seemed to be  loaded with torture, torment and death. I stood there gazing into the oblivion, with unknown faces emerging from nowhere looking sad that they were handcuffed and were not able to pursue their mission of getting freedom for their country.

Why the name “Viper”?

This small island derives its name from the vessel `Viper’ in which Lt. Archibald Blair came to Andaman and Nicobar Islands in 1789. The vessel, as it is believed, met with an accident and its wreckage was found near the island.

It is believed that during the time of the freedom struggle, this island has witnessed numerous sacrifices.


Fun Facts…

  • This Island was the location for the first british jail named as ‘Viper Chain Gang Jail’. It was one of the most heinous jails built, where the political prisoners were exposed to unthinkable inhumane tortures. 😖 Prisoners included the Maharaja of Jagannath of Puri and Sher Ali who was hanged for murdering Lord Mayo
  • The vessel after which the Island is named, is said to have mysteriously crashed before reaching the Island. It’s wreckage was found at the edge of the Island
  • One of the reasons which makes this Island scary is the large number of Viper snakes who inhabit the Island.
  • Another fact which can run a chill down your spine is that even the women prisoners were inflicted with different sorts of tortures 😖
  • Just like other Ghost Islands, people of living around this Island believes that it is inhabited by spirits and ghosts of the prisoners 😱


Help & Tips..

  • Location: Viper Island, Port Blair.
  • Timings: Timing to visit this place is from 15:00 in the morning to 17:00.
  • Ticket Details: (a) Ferry Ticket: 75/- per person                                                                             (b) Child:  No ticket for child below 5 years
  • Camera:   No Charge
  • How to Reach: Boat departs by 1500 hours & can be approached by harbor cruise originating from Aberdeen Jetty in Port Blair.

This island is exceptionally exquisite and tranquil. Moreover, it is easily accessible from the Port Blair. It is horded by visitors every year as the island serves a wonderful amalgamation of historically significant elements and arresting grandeur of nature. Thus, Viper Island is no less than an empyrean for both the bugs of history and nature admirers. 😃


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