Story of India’s first Sand Sculpture Museum

The word ‘Sand’ itself is very powerful. It evokes within me all kinds of wonderful memories , of lazy days spent playing on beaches making sand castles, of getting hands and feet buried in wet and cold sand during rainy days, of drawing with colorful sand and what not! 😍

The best thing about Sand is its versatility – you can sift it, dig in it, pour it, enjoy the feel of it, build with it, and even make art with it! Classy !

These wonderful memories came flashing back to me when I was on my trip to Mysore and visited India’s first Sand Sculpture Museum right there. Holaaa! 😃

Mysore Mysore Mysore….Oooo what a city… 😍

With its glittering royal heritage and magnificent monuments and buildings the city is undoubtedly India’s most enchanting cities. Sand sculpture Museum with its intricate carvings on Sand and unique themes became the city’s prime draw card. Located on the way to Chamundi Hills, this museum is first of its kind in India.

About Museum..

Spread over 13500 square feet, this museum exhibits 150 pieces of sand sculptures in 16 different themes. Interesting ones include heritage of Mysore, wildlife, culture, fairy tales and scenes from epics of major religions of the world. These sand sculptures have been created using more than 115 truckloads of sand.

Right at the entrance you will find a giant 15 feet tall statue of Lord Ganesha.


Other sculptures include Goddess Chamundeshwari, Laughing Buddha, the late Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar seated on the throne during Dasara, a striking work of ‘Gitopadesha’ with Lord Krishna and Arjuna on a horse-drawn chariot, Islamic culture, zodiac wheel, marine life, ancient Egypt civilization, Disneyland, instances from Arabian nights, Tom & Jerry cartoon,  a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, wildlife, etc.


It’s creation..

The interesting fact which makes this museum different from the temporary sand sculptures that we make on beaches is its permanent nature. The sculptures are permanent and are protected from the elements of nature lasting upto 1 year of time. Moreover, they even use insecticides to prevent insects from making crevices in the sculptures. Created solely with sand and water and a small amount of glue, these sand sculptures captivate every visitors with their entrancing beauty. 😍

Brain behind this idea and her story..

This Sand sculpture Museum is the brainwork of MN Gowri, one of the leading sand sculptors of India and a resident of Mysore. A bachelor in fine arts, Gowri wanted to show something unique to tourists coming to Mysore. It was a dream come true for her when she opened her museum of sand sculptures in Mysore. 🙂

With 115 truckloads of construction sand, patience, unwavering dedication and working continuously from dawn to dusk, Gowri took four months to create this unique museum.


Visiting timings of Sand Sculpture Museum is from 8.30 AM to 6.30 PM on all days.

Entry Fee

A nominal charge of Rs 40 for adults and 20 for kids.


The Museum is easily accessible via road. It is about 6 km away from Mysore bus stand. Tourists can either hire a cab or take an auto rickshaw to the museum. Many city buses also run via this museum.

The Sand Sculpture Museum can be contacted on 9448273890.

I had an incredible time visiting this museum and I highly recommend this to anyone traveling to Mysore. 😃






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