One Moment- A whole story

“There’s always room for a story that can
transport people to another place.”
―J.K. Rowling

Stories are inseparable part of life. There are so many stories that I have been told or read or lived. I always felt the urge to share some of them and when I got the right platform where people won’t judge, I just couldn’t stop myself from giving it a shot.

So this story as like millions other story has two characters – a pretty girl Sia and a handsome boy Kabir. And this is how their story starts:

“Don’t break my heart before I give it to you
Don’t tell me no before I ask you to
Don’t say it doesn’t fit before you try it on
There’s too much to lose to be wrong” Sia’s ringtone was playing.

“Kabir! So finally you called me up ha 😒” said Sia answering Kabir’s call.

“Yeah, I know, you are mad at me for being super busy. But I promise, I will make it up to you. So let’s catch up for a movie. What say 😃?”

“ sounds okay”

“Cool” he said

“Cooool” she replied in her famous weird tone 😎

“Damn! We are late, common hurry up kabir 😧”

“Easy girl easy! Movies never starts on time 😅”

“Huhhh, I know that. I don’t want to miss the trailers. So now will you mooovveee 😑?” Sia said dramatically. She walked as fast as she could, trying not to look awkward and dragging the helpless Kabir as she moved.

“Phew! We made it ” Sia sighed 😅

“I can never understand you” Kabir frowned 😟

“Who asked you to try silly 😜?” she giggled and poked him in his tummy.

In the middle of the movie, Kabir knew that he had to tell Sia just one thing.  So, just before she could realize, he whispered it in her ear, gently holding her hands.  She smiled – the kind of smile that made him smile back 😊 . And she replied softly- “When I’m sixty and I think about my life and what it was like to be young, I wish to remember this very moment.”

After seconds of intense eye contact, she rested her smiling face on his shoulders.  The theater became suddenly peaceful to Kabir – almost silent.  All he could hear was the soft murmur of her breathing.  That night, Kabir stayed awake thinking about the time he’d spent with her and the choices and plans that made that pristine moment possible.  And at some point, he realized that it didn’t matter what they’d done or where they’d gone.  Nor did the future hold any significance. ❤

All that mattered was the serenity of that particular moment, a moment where only they could live and no one else.

A beautiful mystery, a miracle of just being together. ❤

The End

I hope you like this small piece of story. My only attempt was to make you all embrace the fact that each individual moment of our lives is precious and we must not allow any sort of pressures to rule our lives and stop us from living such moments. ❤


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