The Garden tales!

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”

Luther Burbank

My love for flowers comes from my dearest mummy. She loves gardening and that’s why without fail we have a beautiful garden in our backyard. Seeing the different types of flowers in my garden makes my heart bumble! My love for roses, jasmine, marigolds to annuals of all type just full me with so much joy.  I take time to stop, smell & look at each flower as they develop & blooms open. It’s an exquisite feeling for me, whenever I visit some garden full of lush green trees, beautiful flowers, chirping birds & enchanting butterflies hovering here and there.

Screenshot (83)Screenshot (84)

I start wondering what might be the conversation happening between such garden characters? Well may be it’s like one of this:

Once, a beautiful, shiny and colorful butterfly was flitting from one flower to another. She overheard the flowers talking to each other-

The pink roses said, “We are the best because we were the first flowers to bloom in the spring.”


The white daisies said, “Oh no, we are the best because we have pretty flowers all summer long.”


While the Marigold argued, “No, we are the best as we are available year round.”


Each flower argued that they were the best. But when that butterfly came closer, they stopped. All the flowers were quiet and looked very proud as they believed they were the best and hoped that butterfly will come to them.

The pink roses fluffed their petals so that they would look best. All of the white daisies stood up tall so they would look the best. The Marigolds beamed in the sunlight so that they would look the best. All the flowers were sure that the butterfly would think they were the best and feed on their nectar. But the butterfly only smiled and said, “Look at all of my pretty flowers waiting for me to come their way!”

The butterfly first went towards the pink roses and started feeding on them. The roses were sure they were special because they were picked first which made daisies and marigold upset.

Next the butterfly went to daisies and this time Marigold were left feeling all alone and useless.

Finally the butterfly went to Marigold and collected it’s nectar. Again, all the flowers began to fight over who was the best.

The butterfly made them quite and said, I went to the pink roses first, remembering that they were the first flowers to bloom in the spring. Next to daisies, thinking how wonderful it is to see pretty flowers every day in summer. Finally I went to Marigold, thanking them for being there all year-long.

The butterfly continued saying “You all are the best, but together you all look perfect!”

Suddenly the flowers realized that all along each one was the best that they could be. But together they became something special. At last all the flowers were happy. ❤


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