When I met Chandler to my Joey


Yes, you heard right! Finally, I met Chandler to my Joey. I met him in the same unusual way like any introvert person would meet. In spite of  being school classmates, we only started talking over whatsapp texts. I seriously don’t believe that an introvert person like me could ever make friends if it was not for social media. Obviously, he was the first one to kick-start the conversation and from then on after knowing him, I can’t go wrong saying that yes! I got him as Chandler to my Joey. Here are few reasons to believe that:

  • We find the exact same things funny
  • or not funny…may be..
  • his immense enthusiasm over anything is perfectly balanced out by my complete lack of interest in those stuff
  • We do each other’s expression perfectly
  • Neither of us care to be childish literally all  the time
  • If one of us gets a bit upset, the other one become the knight in the armour to make the crying one laugh…..laugh till the stomach starts aching.
  • He has got the sense of humor that eventually only I can understand. It gets “Off Beat” most of the times
  • People can come and go, but we made it a point to stick together. “Cross my heart and hope to die”


Even though he gets super serious sometimes, but as for me, where ever I am or will be, I will always remember him as my wittiest, sarcastic, funny, super cool and caring friend. The one I just can’t imagine losing.

I hope you guys like it! I pray that you all may be blessed by such a wonderful lifetime friend. ❤


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