Munjoh Ocean Resort- A home away from home

A sunburnt face,
Sand between my toes,
The smell of firewood
In all of my clothes
Tired and dusty,
Full of hot dogs and smore’s
A day at the beach…
Who could ask for more?

-Rebecca Curran

This poem keeps ringing in my head whenever I remember my stay at Munjoh Ocean Resort on one of my trip to Havelock Island. Munjoh has a literal meaning – “mine” and now I know why the resort was named as such. It’s a beach house meant only for you- to revel in, do as you please, private and decadent.

Visited the island with my family and we were blown away by the beauty of the island , especially the beach of the resort. With turquoise water, white sand, day beds and a beach bar, the private beach of the resort is just stunning. The first thing on entering the resort that your eyes will appreciate are the big coconut trees swaying in the gentle breeze with all the huts surrounded in middle of this beautiful resort.

Screenshot (114)
Reception area


We Stayed at the Royal Chalet & were truly treated with great royalty. It has 2 large bedrooms with an inviting homely living room that has an attached kitchenette, beautiful wooden running decks on all sides, a sunken Jacuzzi and a butler on call. The rooms were spacious, clean and beautifully decorated. I got a bit of a Bali vibe with a lot of wood interiors running through every corner of the room.

Screenshot (103)Screenshot (104)Screenshot (116)

Without fail this resort provides a complete package of stay, restaurant, bar, beach spa services, thrilling water sports activities and many more. The Blue Beetel Cafe of the resort had the most exotic food menu; from intercontinental cuisines to homely Island food and every dish tasted awesome. The staff was  immensely hospitable & co-operative passionate enough to provide the best experience specially  the Senior Manager Ravi who made us feel comfortable with everything possible. Though it is a 4 star resort but for me it definitely deserves 5 stars.

Screenshot (71)Screenshot (102)Screenshot (106)Screenshot (111)Screenshot (77)Screenshot (78)Screenshot (80)Screenshot (115)Screenshot (110)

Highly recommended stay!

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