Remembering the visit to Sky 100 Observation Deck, Hong Kong

So, this morning I got a call from my friend who accompanied me and my family to the Hong Kong tour. She said “Did you hear?” I asked “What are you talking about?” She said “You won’t believe Sky100 is turning to six years old this year” I was like Woooaaahhh 😃. It feels just yesterday when we were there. So, to celebrate this joyous moment, I decided to write about my experience at Sky 100 Hong Kong Observation deck.

I must admit that it has one of the most magnificent territory views that I have ever seen. Well, that may not be saying much considering the rather limited countries I have been to but no doubt I’ll never change my opinions even after trotting around the world.

Let me give a brief description of Sky 100. Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck is located on the 100th floor of International Commerce Centre (ICC), the tallest building in Hong Kong (Wooooooooowww) 😃. It is the only indoor observation deck in Hong Kong offering 360-degree views of the territory and its famous Victoria Harbour at remarkably 393 m above sea level (Toooo high for the people who fear heights).😄


Screenshot (132)

So, all you gotta do is book advance tickets for yourself, if you want a cheap entry because the entry tickets are a bit high on cost 😟. Collect your tickets from the 2nd floor of the ICC building. With the modern and classy impression and the ultra violet light, I really loved the ticket centre interior.😍

Screenshot (133)

After that, go straight to the elevator that will take you to the observation deck on the 100th floor. Any guesses How long it will take?🤔 Well, You will be on 100th floor in just 60 seconds! 😱Yes, you read it right. With its exceptionally swift double-deck high-speed elevators, you will reach the 100th floor in just 60 seconds! 😍 This does not end here. When in the elevator, there is a screen display on ceiling that changes as the height increases, and when its 60 seconds, you are already on the 100th floor. Incredible!😍

Screenshot (139)

On the 100th floor, you are greeted by a lobby with a hallway leading to the stunning view. Along the floor of the hallway, there is a glass floor which has a scale model of Hong Kong city.

Screenshot (135)Screenshot (137)

Well what then?, you are left free to see the splendid Hong Kong city panoramic view and magical scenery, with the stunning 360-degree view from this fascinating and prestigious setting, large venue space and soaring ceilings. There is also a Souvenir Gift Shop that offer a variety of exclusive merchandise for visitors to choose from.

sky100Screenshot (130)

Screenshot (134)

If that’s not enough, there is Café 100 to satisfy your hungry taste buds 😋. Inspired by the relaxing ambience of a Parisian terrace café, Café 100 by The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong is set to extend the legendary service of The Ritz-Carlton to visitors at Sky100. Located on the west side of the deck, the Café commands boundless sea views and captivating sunsets.

Screenshot (131)Screenshot (138)

sky100 aftrnoontea



For the crux, the view is absolutely stunning and magnificent. It’s the must-visit for anyone visiting  Hong kong next. It’s definitely going to be a big loss if you doesn’t come here. So here are the few information that will help you out to visit Sky 100:

How to reach:

Take MTR, drop at Kowloon Station and take the exit C to Elements Shopping Mall at ICC. Go to the 2nd floor, Metal Zone at ELEMENTS, access a direct walkway leading into Sky100 and simply look for the signs along the way.

Address: 100/F, International Commerce Centre,1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Opening Hours:

Sunday – Thursday
10:00 – 21:00 (Last entry: 20:30)

Friday – Saturday
10:00 – 22:30 (Last entry: 22:00)


For Adult :

Walk in: HKD168

Online price: HKD151

For Children and senior aged 65 years or above:

Walk in: HKD118

Online price: HKD106
(Infant below 3 years old is free)

Note: Don’t forget to check their website for any changes:

Happy Visiting! 😊

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