Akshardham – An Architectural Marvel

When was the list time you admired some building’s architecture? For the way it’s wonderfully crafted, for the hardships of workmen that made it’s structure possible, for the hidden meanings behind such structures, for the marvels of human talent, when was the last time you admired such things?

Well, for me the time came when I visited Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple in New Delhi. What made me go awe of this temple is the way it’s built. For devotees, it’s a wonderful shrine where their prayers are answered. But, for me it’s a place with awe-inspiring auspiciousness and amazing craftsmanship, where art is ageless, culture is beyond border  and values are changeless. Built inch to inch according to ancient Sthaapatya shastras of India, no steel has been used in its construction. The intricacy shown, the delicacy high lightened, the austerity bestowed is breathtaking for any human being. Every carving carries a meaning like a poetry written down in stones. My words fall short to describe this beauty, may be these pictures will tell their own story:



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