Should or Shouldn’t we trust a stranger?

Don’t talk to strangers. It’s one of the first things we’re taught as children. It is a common knowledge not to put any trust in some stranger, possibly to protect us from getting hurt. But is it actually a good advice? Don’t you think it’s quite unfair? Everyone we ever knew was once a stranger, be it our best friends, our other half, our colleagues, even our house maid. If we hadn’t given them a chance, if we hadn’t trust them, they could have never been such people to us. But we did. Then why are we always suspicious of strangers?

Well If you think deep, It is impossible to go through life without trusting anybody. That is to be imprisoned in the worst cell of all, oneself. In fact, our society runs on trust. You wouldn’t have realized but knowingly or unknowingly we often place our lives in the hands of strangers. We trust police officers to keep our city safe. We trust our maids with our house. We trust our teachers with the knowledge they provide. We trust our parents with our upbringing. We trust our friends with our secrets. We trust our beloved with our heart. We trust doctors with our lives. We trust the drivers on road to keep us safe. Don’t we? Basically, our life hinge on trust.

Yes, people lie, they hide things from you, they break your trust. Even the people whom we know,  our loved ones, hurt us the most and that’s a fact. I am not asking you, to let your guards down and openly invite people with bad intentions. But doesn’t it takes the other people’s right for being trusted? Why, in a society that functions on trust, are we so often mistrustful of the people? If we keep on calculating the risks that trusting a stranger would give us, all the time, we would go mad.

Recently, I talked to a stranger. There were a thousand reasons to not trust him but one. That one reason to trust was the possibility. The Possibility of the joy and wonder that stranger is capable of giving me back. The possibility of finding a great friend. And yes, my guts paid off well. My thoughts matches with that stranger like with no one else. Words automatically comes out to share. The comfort I never imagined would actually exist. I could see the wall of mistrust already shattering. I could see the light. The light of hope, a hope that something good is about to happen.

What if we assumed that people are going to do the right thing? There a chance, you might get hurt some times, but think about how much time you would actually save, and how great it would be to live in a world where people automatically trusted you? Be aware but don’t be paranoid. Let the flames of trust keep burning inside you. After all, we are humans and humans are trusting creatures, well sort of at least.

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