About the blog

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”  – Saint Augustine

Travel changes us in ways that most things cannot. It challenges us to push our limits, re-examining our long-held thoughts and perceptions. We learn to shift our priorities, gaining a newfound appreciation for our planet, ourselves and the people we leave behind at home.

Globetrotting Greedy Guts is a space designated for travel exploration and inspiration , spreading it’s roots since March 7, 2017.  This blog intends to allow the readers experience the richness of place, but most of all, to get touched and be inspired by the stories behind them.

About Me



Travel has always been a big part of my life. Some of my earliest memories involve shifting from one city to another due to my father’s job. It was my parents  who nurtured a lifelong passion for travel, teaching me to see things with an open mind and sparking off a permanent case of wanderlust.

When I was little, I was always fascinated by the images from faraway lands printed in the thick encyclopedia. However growing up in a small town did not offer me much but to read more and more books about the world.

When my family moved to a bigger city and my father decided to take us on our last trip before retiring, it was then that I set foot on a foreign country for the first time. My passion for travel and storytelling about the legacy of local recipes, cultural habits, architecture, language and religion, soon drew me into blogging.

My name is Sadiya and these are the chronicles of my travels. If I can make you smile or ignite in you a spark of inspiration and exploration, then my job is done here.

Won’t you grab a cup of tea or coffee, a comfy blanket, and stay a while?