Remembering the visit to Sky 100 Observation Deck, Hong Kong

So, this morning I got a call from my friend who accompanied me and my family to the Hong Kong tour. She said “Did you hear?” I asked “What are you talking about?” She said “You won’t believe Sky100 is turning to six years old this year” I was like Woooaaahhh 😃. It feels just yesterday when we were there. So, to celebrate this joyous moment, I decided to write about my experience at Sky 100 Hong Kong Observation deck.

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Things to do when you are in Hong Kong

My family had been waiting to visit Hong Kong for a long time, but did not really have the chance to go. The dream to visit Hong Kong came true when my dad was about to retire from his Government Bank Job. Since we had not been to abroad before, we figured that it would be a one of a kind trip. Indeed it was.😀
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