Akshardham – An Architectural Marvel

When was the list time you admired some building’s architecture? For the way it’s wonderfully crafted, for the hardships of workmen that made it’s structure possible, for the hidden meanings behind such structures, for the marvels of human talent, when was the last time you admired such things?

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Dholavira – A Harappan City

Until my foot landed on the grounds of Dholavira, I didn’t believe I would actually get to see the ancient city about which I had read in my school days. Dholavira is an archaeological site at Khadirbet in Bhachau Taluka of Kutch District, in the state of Gujarat.

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5 budget trips in India that you should not miss

Are you snapped at by a travel bug? That wicked bug which makes you feel an obsessive need to travel the world. There is a long weekend ahead and you are craving to wander the country. What if you have got only a few saved? Well today, I’m here to tell you, that even if you’ve little money with you, with the right kind of planning, you could pack up your bags and set off to travel.

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