“Love” – Just the four letters making a word. That’s it or is it? It’s so funny how something that seems so simple is actually quite complicated. It’s really hard to define love; you may wonder if it’s even real. It is incredibly complex because it’s formed in our minds which is the most complex machine that ever existed. You are either on a journey toward love or on a journey to defy it.

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 “It’s only a dream,” she said desperately, hot tears falling.

“We can’t really touch, we can’t be together. It’s not allowed,” she continued.

“I don’t care,” he said.

He really didn’t care. It didn’t seem like a dream to him. It felt real. And even in a dream he was not going to give up on her, not for anyone.

No force in heaven or hell could make him. For him, she wasn’t dead. She was alive like a white golden light in the darkness.